What is nootropic

July 1, 2017


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Nootropics are drugs or supplements that enhance cognitive function and are also sometimes called smart drugs. Nootropic was first determined to be a class of supplements and chemicals in the eary to mid 1960s when a romanian scientist by the name Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea determined Piracetam could help with cognitive function. Nootropics work by changing the amount of available brain neurochemicals by increasing the brains oxygen amouonts or by creating nerve growth.

The benefits of Nootropics has been questioned with many scientific studies and anecdotal evidence showing support for their use while others were not conclusive.

It is hard to quantify and measure the effect of cognitive enhancers so this will continue to be a problem.

There are many nootropics in the marketplace today that are said to improve memory recall, the ability to concentrate, and reduce impulses.

These smart drugs are usually put into use to treat individuals with difficult with cognitive functions such as people with Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Dementia, or ADHD.

Some researchers are recommending wider use of a Nooptropic and also many more suppliers are popping up online to offer nootropics to the public.

Nootropic Side Effects

One of the many nootropic concerns is with drugs that may have a negative impact or negative side effects and as with any other chemical enhancers the same is true with Nootropics, there is always a chance of side effects so research before you use.

Cognitive enhancement drugs, or smart drugs, are many times taken for a long time with no information available to determine what the issues they could cause are.

Racetams have been shown to be a nootropic with little know side effects but any chemical substance taken could cause unwanted side effects. Many of these smart drugs have not been approved for the use they are being taken for even when they have been shown to be safe, in other words watch out and do your research, the main thing many should do is talk to their doctors about nooptropic use and side effects.

Many are concerned about some of the following issues with nootropics:

The downregulation of cognitive function after stimulation that causes permanent just temporary hypo-active system or something that causes someone to become addicted to the nooptropic. This could be related to items such as dopamine or choline but much research has not shown this.

The overuse of serotonin cause issues with further serotonin uptake.

Heart impairment or failure from stimulants.