Memory Food – Is Your Brain Starving?

July 1, 2017


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We all know that certain foods can hurt or damage and brain such as drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. But what about food that the brain actually needs to keep itself healthy and well. Below you’ll find some food that help keep your mind working well.


there is over a decade worth of research that blueberries can help older people to improve their performance on memory tasks and can give them the memory ability of those that are young than them.

This is due to blueberries secret ingredient called anthocyanins.

If you have trouble saying anthocyanins don’t worry about it because you don’t have say it just consume it. Essentially anthocyanins have been involved in helping brain cells communicate with each other thus helping improve memory. They also can help the brain deal with stress.

So enjoy some blueberry pie now and then.


There have been many studies on how much fish can help the brain. One of them was done at the Rush University medical Center in Chicago over a period of six years. Essentially they gathered together a group of 3000 people.

In the study those that ate fish at least once a week had lower mental decline and the ability to think of a person at least three years younger.

Another study at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center had a group of people who ranged from 65 to 94 in a seven-year Alzheimer’s study. The results were that people who ate fish once a week had a 60% less chance of developing Alzheimer’s.

If you don’t like eating fish then you can take fish oil vitamins instead.


A study done by Dr. Mark Moss had 144 volunteers complete a series of memory tests. He divided them into two groups. One was in a room with the scent of Rosemary and the other was in a scent-fee room. Mental performance increased of those that were in the room which had the fragrance of Rosemary.

In addition some of the people felt more alert as well. So if you need a memory pick-me-up you should try Rosemary as either a scent or as an ingredient in your meals.

Oil-based salad dressing

Oil-Based salad dressing is great because it contains polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats which are good for cholesterol. In addition it contains omega-3s which are good for your mind. This is the same ingredient in fish that helps your brain.

Most oil and vinegar-based dressings are good. I found this a memory food dressing recipe for those of you that want to make it yourself.


When it comes to memory food avocados are almost as good blueberries in promoting the health of your brain. There also great because they have lots of monounsaturated fat which contribute to healthy blood flow to your heart and to your brain.

These fats help to reduce your blood pressure which can be a risk factor in the decline of your mental abilities.

I found interesting recipe for Guadalajara Chilled Avocado Soup which you can make for yourself.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are high in vitamin E which helps protect your mind from decline. Also if your woman and trying to get pregnant they help increase fertility.

Sunflower seeds have so much by vitamin E that just 1 ounce contains 75% of the amount that you need in a day. They also make a great snack which can be taken on-the-go. So load up your lunch and your mind with some sunflower seeds.

What about you?

So you have a favorite brand or recipe for these memory foods? If so, share your knowledge with the world and leave a message below.