Five Powerful Memory Booster Exercises

July 1, 2017


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Many fear the possibility of contact with the degree of memory loss later in life and the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s. Modern lifestyle of today does not help matters when it comes to body and mind healthy. Therefore the brain exercise is very important, even for those who are still in their 20s and 30s. Like the muscles in your body, your brain needs regular exercise to function properly. Apart from adapting a healthy lifestyle, doing mental exercises will definitely improve the condition of your memory.

Some mental exercises you can try to keep your brain in tip-top condition:

1. Number and word games. Do word or numbers related puzzles and games such as the crossword puzzles in the daily newspaper. This is a great way to stimulate the brain in the morning – at the same time enjoying your breakfast. Do indulge in crossword puzzles to improve your vocabulary and mathematic puzzles such as Sudoku to improve your mental agility. Resist the temptation to use a dictionary or taking a peek at the answer key. Make a point to solve the puzzle by yourself.

2. Mnemonics. mnemonic involves linking a person, thing or event with a specific word or pictures. This is a very powerful tool to enhance memory. For example, you get the first few letters of a word group, so you can make a word you can pronounce and easy to remember. You can also use alliteration when you start a sentence or phrase using the same consonant.

If you’re dealing with massive chunk of information, you can easily remember by breaking them into smaller chunks. If you have to remember a long list, make the job easier by breaking it down into divisions and categories that are easier to remember.

3. Neurobic exercises. Neurobic exercises involve tasks that uses more than one of your senses. For example, you can open a jar or brush your teeth with the lesser dominant side of your brain (if you are a rightie, use your left hand to brush your teeth). You can also go to work on foot or by car via a different route. You can also try to eatint your food with your eyes closed. This will make your brain trigger. Avoid doing things that are totally out of your routine or ritualistic-like.

4. Learning to play a musical instrument. Learning to play an instrument requires great intelligence, which helps to improve memory and exercise your brain. This is especially true if you have to learn to read music to play the instrument more efficient. The piano and the guitar is taught to memorize the different chords and notes in question, while playing the drums will help you develop the mental and physical agility.

5. Participate in activities that uses a lot of your hand-eye skills. This requires engaging in activities that hone motor skills. You can put together a new puzzle, the more complex the better. Or you can take up drawing or painting, or learn to knit.

Your daily chores can also help enhance your memory. Cooking, for example, will help you try new varieties of ingredients to come up with dishes that will appeal to the taste buds. Exercise your brain by trying different spices and herbs that you do not usually use in your everyday cooking.