Memory Food – Is Your Brain Starving?

July 1, 2017


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We all know that certain foods can hurt or damage and brain such as drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. But what about food that the brain actually needs to keep itself healthy and well. Below you’ll find some food that help keep your mind working well.


there is over a decade worth of research that blueberries can help older people to improve their performance on memory tasks and can give them the memory ability of those that are young than them.

This is due to blueberries secret ingredient called anthocyanins.

If you have trouble saying anthocyanins don’t worry about it because you don’t have say it just consume it. Essentially anthocyanins have been involved in helping brain cells communicate with each other thus helping improve memory. They also can help the brain deal with stress.

So enjoy some blueberry pie now and then.


There have been many studies on how much fish can help the brain. One of them was done at the Rush University medical Center in Chicago over a period of six years. Essentially they gathered together a group of 3000 people.

In the study those that ate fish at least once a week had lower mental decline and the ability to think of a person at least three years younger.

Another study at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center had a group of people who ranged from 65 to 94 in a seven-year Alzheimer’s study. The results were that people who ate fish once a week had a 60% less chance of developing Alzheimer’s.

If you don’t like eating fish then you can take fish oil vitamins instead.


A study done by Dr. Mark Moss had 144 volunteers complete a series of memory tests. He divided them into two groups. One was in a room with the scent of Rosemary and the other was in a scent-fee room. Mental performance increased of those that were in the room which had the fragrance of Rosemary.

In addition some of the people felt more alert as well. So if you need a memory pick-me-up you should try Rosemary as either a scent or as an ingredient in your meals.

Oil-based salad dressing

Oil-Based salad dressing is great because it contains polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats which are good for cholesterol. In addition it contains omega-3s which are good for your mind. This is the same ingredient in fish that helps your brain.

Most oil and vinegar-based dressings are good. I found this a memory food dressing recipe for those of you that want to make it yourself.


When it comes to memory food avocados are almost as good blueberries in promoting the health of your brain. There also great because they have lots of monounsaturated fat which contribute to healthy blood flow to your heart and to your brain.

These fats help to reduce your blood pressure which can be a risk factor in the decline of your mental abilities.

I found interesting recipe for Guadalajara Chilled Avocado Soup which you can make for yourself.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds are high in vitamin E which helps protect your mind from decline. Also if your woman and trying to get pregnant they help increase fertility.

Sunflower seeds have so much by vitamin E that just 1 ounce contains 75% of the amount that you need in a day. They also make a great snack which can be taken on-the-go. So load up your lunch and your mind with some sunflower seeds.

What about you?

So you have a favorite brand or recipe for these memory foods? If so, share your knowledge with the world and leave a message below.

Effects of a brain supplement

July 1, 2017


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Do you want to sharpen your cognition? Get smart and be ahead of the curve. Knowing how a brain supplement works is one step closer to increasing your mental capabilities.

In your brain are countless numbers of neurotransmitters. They pop away like firecrackers processing information at phenomenal speeds regulating matters such as mood, relaxation, creativity, etc. Using naturally available extracts we’re able encourage neurotransmitters to ignite more effectively. Think of your bran akin to an engine. If you put dirty fuel in then you get lots of smoke and lower performance. Now fill up the fuel tank with clean fuel and the engine runs without smoke with optimum performance. This is what a brain supplement does.

From middle age your cognitive functions begin to decline, how quickly is entirely up to you and how ‘mentally’ active you remain will determine how well your cognitive functions retain their strengths. This is where a brain supplement comes in. We nourish our bodies with vitamins and minerals on a daily basis in order to stay fit, young and healthy. Unfortunately what almost always gets left out is one of, if not the most important parts of the body – its certainly the most complex! That is the brain. What’s the point in having a healthy, fit, young body only to be left with a slow brain?

Interestingly a brain supplement isn’t marketed just towards middle aged people and above. In fact brain supplements are actively sought out by younger individuals looking to gain a competitive edge against their peers. Younger people are under ever increasing loads of pressure, a brain supplement helps nourish the brain giving way to lightning fast responses and better memory recollection.

A decent brain supplement will be made up of wholesome, natural, high quality ingredients. These in the right combination and dose help to maintain brain energy levels, leaving you alert with a sharp focus.

What is nootropic

July 1, 2017


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Nootropics are drugs or supplements that enhance cognitive function and are also sometimes called smart drugs. Nootropic was first determined to be a class of supplements and chemicals in the eary to mid 1960s when a romanian scientist by the name Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea determined Piracetam could help with cognitive function. Nootropics work by changing the amount of available brain neurochemicals by increasing the brains oxygen amouonts or by creating nerve growth.

The benefits of Nootropics has been questioned with many scientific studies and anecdotal evidence showing support for their use while others were not conclusive.

It is hard to quantify and measure the effect of cognitive enhancers so this will continue to be a problem.

There are many nootropics in the marketplace today that are said to improve memory recall, the ability to concentrate, and reduce impulses.

These smart drugs are usually put into use to treat individuals with difficult with cognitive functions such as people with Alzheimers, Parkinsons, Dementia, or ADHD.

Some researchers are recommending wider use of a Nooptropic and also many more suppliers are popping up online to offer nootropics to the public.

Nootropic Side Effects

One of the many nootropic concerns is with drugs that may have a negative impact or negative side effects and as with any other chemical enhancers the same is true with Nootropics, there is always a chance of side effects so research before you use.

Cognitive enhancement drugs, or smart drugs, are many times taken for a long time with no information available to determine what the issues they could cause are.

Racetams have been shown to be a nootropic with little know side effects but any chemical substance taken could cause unwanted side effects. Many of these smart drugs have not been approved for the use they are being taken for even when they have been shown to be safe, in other words watch out and do your research, the main thing many should do is talk to their doctors about nooptropic use and side effects.

Many are concerned about some of the following issues with nootropics:

The downregulation of cognitive function after stimulation that causes permanent just temporary hypo-active system or something that causes someone to become addicted to the nooptropic. This could be related to items such as dopamine or choline but much research has not shown this.

The overuse of serotonin cause issues with further serotonin uptake.

Heart impairment or failure from stimulants.


7 Tips For Improving Your Memory Function

July 1, 2017


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Here are the 7 tips to help improve your memory:

Improving your memory is something anyone can benefit from doing. Boosting your brain power allows you to accomplish more with your mind. Although most people would love to remember more details about the good experiences in their lives, or just about those formulas for math class, the key is to learn how to remember. In other words, you need to actively take steps to improve your memory and brain function if you want to improve your memory.

The following tips can help you to increase your ability to remember more and to simply learn better.

1. Be interested in what you are learning. When you look at something, for example, the brain places a priority on it, based on how meaningful or valuable that information is to you. You need to understand what you are learning and you need to be interested in it to grab it.

2. Be intent to remember. Although you may not realize it, if you are uninterested or lack a positive attitude about what you are learning, chances are good you will forget. If you have a positive attitude the first time you learn something, you will remember it for the long term.

3. If you are learning something new, get a background in it. For example, you may be learning how to use a computer software program at work. Learn the background details of using the program before you try to learn the entire program. Working from the ground up helps your brain to grasp the important details quickly.

4. Visualization is another important factor in remembering things. Visualizing what you are doing, what the numbers are or what the facts are helps you to keep that memory vivid longer.

5. Associate the things you are learning with things that are more familiar to you. The mind’s memory is formed when new neural connections are made. Ask yourself, “how is this like something I already know?”

6. Study for shorter periods of time. By distributing practice of the topic over a few sessions, rather than trying to cram all of your information into one session makes sense. It helps to establish and then solidify the pathways in your brain that the new information is creating.

7. Review information and consolidate. The best way to learn something is to practice it. After learning something new, practice it several times.

In addition to this, realize that you will never be able to remember everything, but if you take the time to put more effort into the things you want to remember, chances are good you will remember them. If you are trying to remember something or to teach yourself something, stop, take a step back and ask yourself the value of the information. If it means enough to you, take a deep breath and move forward.

Five Powerful Memory Booster Exercises

July 1, 2017


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Many fear the possibility of contact with the degree of memory loss later in life and the development of diseases like Alzheimer’s. Modern lifestyle of today does not help matters when it comes to body and mind healthy. Therefore the brain exercise is very important, even for those who are still in their 20s and 30s. Like the muscles in your body, your brain needs regular exercise to function properly. Apart from adapting a healthy lifestyle, doing mental exercises will definitely improve the condition of your memory.

Some mental exercises you can try to keep your brain in tip-top condition:

1. Number and word games. Do word or numbers related puzzles and games such as the crossword puzzles in the daily newspaper. This is a great way to stimulate the brain in the morning – at the same time enjoying your breakfast. Do indulge in crossword puzzles to improve your vocabulary and mathematic puzzles such as Sudoku to improve your mental agility. Resist the temptation to use a dictionary or taking a peek at the answer key. Make a point to solve the puzzle by yourself.

2. Mnemonics. mnemonic involves linking a person, thing or event with a specific word or pictures. This is a very powerful tool to enhance memory. For example, you get the first few letters of a word group, so you can make a word you can pronounce and easy to remember. You can also use alliteration when you start a sentence or phrase using the same consonant.

If you’re dealing with massive chunk of information, you can easily remember by breaking them into smaller chunks. If you have to remember a long list, make the job easier by breaking it down into divisions and categories that are easier to remember.

3. Neurobic exercises. Neurobic exercises involve tasks that uses more than one of your senses. For example, you can open a jar or brush your teeth with the lesser dominant side of your brain (if you are a rightie, use your left hand to brush your teeth). You can also go to work on foot or by car via a different route. You can also try to eatint your food with your eyes closed. This will make your brain trigger. Avoid doing things that are totally out of your routine or ritualistic-like.

4. Learning to play a musical instrument. Learning to play an instrument requires great intelligence, which helps to improve memory and exercise your brain. This is especially true if you have to learn to read music to play the instrument more efficient. The piano and the guitar is taught to memorize the different chords and notes in question, while playing the drums will help you develop the mental and physical agility.

5. Participate in activities that uses a lot of your hand-eye skills. This requires engaging in activities that hone motor skills. You can put together a new puzzle, the more complex the better. Or you can take up drawing or painting, or learn to knit.

Your daily chores can also help enhance your memory. Cooking, for example, will help you try new varieties of ingredients to come up with dishes that will appeal to the taste buds. Exercise your brain by trying different spices and herbs that you do not usually use in your everyday cooking.